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Troop Reinforcements

Syria Sends Troop Reinforcements, Vowing to Smother Israeli-Inspired Disorders

Syrian tanks enter Lebanon: witnesses 
The daily An-Nahar newspaper reported the deployment of Syrian troops into Lebanon overnight. One hundred military trucks, carrying soldiers and equipment, left the Bekaa valley and headed toward Beirut, the newspaper said. Transportation Minister Najib Mikati told reporters the movement could have been a redeployment, but said he did not have any details. The move followed the arrest of more than 200 mainly Christian anti-Syrian activists in Lebanon earlier this month suspected of contacts with Israel and plotting against Syria's presence in the country. Syria moved some of its more than 20,000 troops out of Beirut in June, following vehment protests by the Lebanese Christian community.

Nothing legitimized the presence of 30,000 Syrian troops on Lebanese soil,4918,30882,00.jpg

We have had it, and want the Syrians out!"       

Al Breaking News :                                         

Fifteen Syrian tanks entered Lebanon Monday headed toward the Bekaa region, a stronghold for the thousands of Syrian troops in Lebanon, witnesses said. 
Syria was reported Monday to have upgraded its support of President Lahoud's regime against opposition factions, sending truckloads of troop reinforcements to Lebanon with a vow to help snuff out any Israeli-Inspired disorders. 
Some 100 military trucks carrying fully armed troops with their ammunition crossed from Syria into Lebanon at midnight Saturday-Sunday in the direction of Beirut. 
Although the long convoy headed in Beirut's direction, the final destination and deployment locations of the reinforcements could not be determined. 
The Syrians redeployed out Beirut and the central mountain ridge overlooking the capital in June. They also vacated their positions near the presidential Palace in Baabda and 
the defense ministry compound in neighboring Yarze. The return of Syrian troops was coupled with a strong pledge of support to President Lahoud and army commander Gen. Michel Suleiman by Syrian Defense Minister Gen. Mustafa Tlass. "Syria stands by Lebanon's side to confront the suspicious movement that were proven to be linked to an external power hostile to Lebanon and the Arab nation," said Tlass in a graduating ceremony of Syrian cadet officers. 
His address was made on behalf of President Bashar Assad at the ceremony that was attended by Several Lebanese army officers, Syria's official Arab News Agency SANA reported. 
Transportation Minister Najib Mikati told reporters the movement could have been a redeployment, but said he did not have any details.

Report from Lebanon