Samir Geagea, A role model for patriotism
From: George Khoury.

To Mr Samir Geagea. I say:  God bless you for taking a stand with the truth, it is an honor knowing that my country has giving us a true patriot who is not afraid to stand up against lies and deception.

The time has come for all Lebanese to realize, that unity is the key; do not fall under their trap as we all did April 13, 1975. If we had realized than all the evil eyes looking at destroying our beautiful country, may be the war could have been avoided all together.
All of us Christians, Muslims and Druze allowed ourselves to be played by others.

Our division within one another gave the outsiders the leverage to infiltrate our society for their own gain.  The time has come to learn from the past and save our Lebanon, no one is going to do it for us.
The time has come for all Lebanese to be responsible and truthful with one another.

Truth heart but it has to be the foundation of our existence, no more hiding for personal gain, no more lies to our kids. We need to set an example that telling the truth is the only way for inner peace within ourselves, and before God.

I am really saddened of the fact that some elected official still do not get it. I have no idea where they are coming from. They claim that the Syrian presence is vital to our independence. Call me stupid, but where is our independence and free will?

How come the economy is virtually bankrupt? Our farmers are forced to let their crop rot under their trees because of all the illegal smuggling from Syria. Our waters of Assi River are being used to help the Syrian farmers. The Syrian secret police occupies virtually every government office and building. The Mukhabarat can kidnap any body and take them into Syria for no reason whatsoever. Kids are starving, over 50% of Lebanese are living below poverty level and the list goes on.

In the name of God tell me, does that sound that Syria is here to protect our independence? Or you think we are stupid.  I cannot understand how come officials like Ali Hassan Khalil and Subhi Bahi can convince me that Syria is here to protect our independence. What kind of non-sense is this? How long are you going to deceive yourselves, be honest, wake up from your illusion and stop pretending. We all know what is going on, no need for lies; you are not fooling anybody but you.

It is time for all of you officials to get with the program, or resign your posts. You took an oath to serve and protect Lebanon, if you are not good to your word of God than Lebanon can do without you.  I hope you have enough dignity to face facts and realize what you are doing to Lebanon as a whole.

They claim that the Lebanese forces destroyed Lebanon, I have to disagree with all of them, Lebanon would not be today if it was not for the Lebanese forces, Samir Geagea had the option to leave Lebanon and go live in France, but because of his true loyalty and honesty decided to go to jail rather than being a subservient, I am really proud to have a leader like Samir Geagea a true patriot who is willing to sacrifice his freedom and life for his country, such person is the real hero who had enough guts and honor not to bought like the once in charge today, Samir Geagea can still walk with his head high no matter what the outcome is.

"You may chain my hands and shackle my feet; you may even throw me into a dark prison, but you shall not enslave my thinking (and my voice) because it is free." G. Kahlil Gibran

Samir Geagea you are not forgotten, the day will come and you shall be free again, the day will come and history shell judge those who sold Lebanon and its freedom, May God be with you always, and give you the strength to overcome this horrible deal.

George Khoury
Lccc Foreign Affairs Chairman.