Plot against true Lebanese army officers
By George Khoury
Lccc Foreign Affairs Chairman.

Syria is pressuring the Lebanese government into forcing out 10's of high ranking Lebanese army officers, and replacing them with Syrian officers as an attempt to curve opposition against their presence in Lebanon.  Syria's decision comes after learning that some Lebanese army officers are in contact with exiled General Michel Aoun, and jailed Lebanese forces Leader Dr. Samir Geagea.

According to some media sources. Syria is attempting to curve out all opposition figures including the ones in the Lebanese army. It is believed that Syria has given a list of names to its puppet General Lahoud, and the Lebanese army commander to force an early retirement of 10's of high ranking Lebanese army officers, suspected of maintaining secret communications with General Aoun and Dr. Samir Geagea.

The conspiracy against Lebanon is in full force. Syria is plotting all kinds of deals in secret with the puppets as a preparation for annexing Lebanon for good. The President Syria installed in Baabda has sold the country and is getting ready to deliver it to his masters on a sliver platter. All attempts to stop the Syrian hegemony have failed so far; their cunning tactics are killing Lebanon one institution at a time.

My dear Lebanese.
In the name of God wake up from your illusions. Christians, Muslims and Druze, there is no more time to waist, time is a luxury you do not have any more, wake up and look around you. What more proof do you need, they are lying through tooth and nail, and have convinced some of the Lebanese that the other sides are the Internal Jews of Lebanon. You should not bow down to their blackmail, their aim is too confuse the issue of freedom with aiding the Israelis, you all know their allegations are lies. Lebanon's identity is not for sale to anyone, we as Lebanese are born free and shall die free. Freedom is a part of us as Lebanon's holy ground. The devil is among you plotting your destruction. Wake up. Be one do not be fooled, it is all a game to keep you weak and divided.

United we stand, divided we fall, Lebanon deserves your utmost loyalty and devotion, it is calling for all of us, have the courage to answer the call.

God be with you all
Long live the free Lebanon for ever.