Freedom, Lebanon & the Lebanese

I am a slave- a slave I'm born to the game of the unknown, a regime that rules in the name of the solely master. A master that has no mercy and greediness is his faith. Power is what he seeks for, and power is what he gains upon the souls of my desperate people.

A race that once ruled the world by peace, and by peace they prospered and sparkled. The alphabet was their message and trade was their name and pride. A race that has never knelt to challenge for challenge was their path to freedom- to prosperity.

Freedom answer me for I am ignorant, I belong to the age- era of slavery that have been assembled on my forehead. An entire generation is born as slaves to the master of dullness, to the master of the puppets.

"WHY?" Greediness is the answer and power is the obtained proof.

Freedom I am devoted to you though I know less of what the precise meaning of such an existing word. I've been told that freedom is part of our faith, yet a belief that we've never practiced.

I ask thee freedom to approach me and indulge my ignorance, tutor me about its praise for I aspire her, still less I endure about her true meaning.

It is the word that revolts thee devotion within my heart, a word that causes an eruption- similar to that of a volcanic measure. It is the word that brings me hope, and meaning to life it self- so approach me my love for you are my truthful love.

Freedom give me the power, give us "the descendants of Lebanon" the power- the power to say no, the power of pertaining the truth, the power of being free in the land of freedom in the land of glory, in the land of wisdom.

Freedom answer my humble prayers for I look upon your glory and seek your beauteous meanings for it brings me hope, hope of an independent future a future for me and my offspring's.

Freedom is not a crime- freedom is a right, a right that every freedom believer beholds and seeks for. For slavery would have never existed if freedom was ever the light, the light of knowledge, the light of forgiveness, the light to unity, and the light of peace.

"Peace" is where some of us states that it is a struggling path, though believing in freedom should enlighten our path, the path to eternity on the land of the living onto the steps to glory ness, to a loving mother which we all salute and adore- to you LEBANON we say Freedom is on it's way to be-crown your head once again.

Believe in Lebanon believe in Freedom
Long Live Free Lebanon