Independence day what does it mean.
By: George Khoury, A true Lebanese
LCCC Foreign Affairs Chairman

That glorious day set in motion the path for Lebanon and its identity among nations. It told the occupiers of the day, that no matter what the sacrifices are, freedom would prevail over this little holy country, Lebanon.  It gave the occupier a sense of insecurity and despair. It proved that unity among the Lebanese always yields freedom, honor and dignity. It said to the occupier loudly and firmly, it is time for you to go.

Sit aside a minute or two, and look back at your deeply rooted Lebanese history that you should be proud of.  Do you have any slightest doubt that if your grandfathers did not stand up for what they believed in, you would have a country called Lebanon today?

The sacrifices of your grandfathers earned your freedom then, and gave you an identity full of pride and glory. The unity among all Lebanese then, sent a clear message to the occupier that his time has come. It said loudly: Start packing to get out, you do not belong here. There was no difference than between Christians, Muslims and Druze, the voice was one, the goal was one, freedom for all or death.  What a special day that was, it made me always proud to be Lebanese.

The Lebanese people are extremely annoyed and very sad to see how degrading the so-called public officials have become. They are bitterly disappointed with the fact that none of these officials represent who the Lebanese are now, or who we were then. They are nothing, but subservient traitors paid to advocate and protect the interest of outsiders at the cost of our Lebanon's History, Dignity and self -respect. They were installed to kill democracy and freedom and allow outsiders to rape our independence and free choice; they have made a pact with the devil and sold their souls. They can never walk with their heads held high for once a slave; always a slave, if you think that money and fame buys your freedom, think again.

Patriotic Lebanese are hopeful that Lebanon's children and the rest of the citizens will enjoy independence, freedom and democracy. Those Lebanese who were exposed to torture, humiliation and oppression will be victorious and with them peace shall prevail again. For the sake of all those who sacrificed their lives to defend sovereignty, tolerance and national dignity, let us all stand for our holy cause and work together in a bid to force the Syrian regime to implement the UN Resolution 520, and withdraw all troops back to its country.

"Give me liberty, or give me death", as someone once said. Life without freedom is no life at all; your life has no meaning, if you do not allow yourself to grow. You cannot have peace without being free to choose. No one should dictate your destiny, you are expected to witness for the truth or otherwise you become subservient like sheep no more no less, told what to do and when.

You corrupted officials, enough collaboration with outsiders against your own people and country. Stop forging history and remember that you cannot take riches with you when you leave this world. What stays behind are your deeds to your fellow man and country, the time has come for all of you to attend to your duties, and respect the sacred oath were you pledged to serve and protect, other wise resign your posts and face charges of high treasons against Lebanon and its people, your loyalty should be to Lebanon first regardless, it is time for all of you to stop hiding behind lies and corruption, Lebanon deserves your unconditional support, if you are unworthy of such honor than Lebanon has no need for you, pack you bags and go be a subservient else where.

God bless the souls of all those who scarified their lives for us to be free. We are determined to continue the difficult journey for the sake of our kids and country, as our people have been doing for the last 6000 years. Lebanon and freedom shall prevail once again, and the land of cedars shall regain back its glory.

Long live the free Lebanon forever.