To All who it may concern!! We would like to INVITE you all to a LIVE DEBATE on a chat program called PALTALK for an INTERVIEW with the HEAD SECRETARY OF THE LEBANESE FORCES ORGANIZATION 7ANNA AATIK also known as ( AL 7ANOON kaed al sadem )

the purpose of this interview is to talk about the middle east conflict also to show the world what the SYRIAN REGIME have done damage to our LEBANESE PEOPLE and many other countries including THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!

since the war started in 1975 and Syria has killed THOUSANDS OF LEBANESE and it is responsible for the KIDNAPING of inocent AMERICAN AND HAND THEM OVER TO IRAN also on the USA embassy attack in beirut wich have killed more then 250 US MARINES and NOT TO forget the THOUSANDS of INNOCENT LEBANESE (115 THOUSANDS) who were killed by the syrians goverment and thousands of prisoners !!!

in case you don't have paltalk chat program you can download the program from and come ot our room on SUNDAY DECEMBER THE 16 we are looking forward to see you with us !! GOD BLESS YOU, God Bless the FREE WORLD !!