Syria how dare you.

You raped my country and killed its economy, you stole our jobs and forced my people to migrate elsewhere, and know you are going to stop supplying Lebanon with electricity, have you no conscious, isn't enough that your 1.5 million workers in Lebanon draining my country of urgently needed funds consists of more than 3 billions annually, isn't enough that you killed our farming industry with your illegal smuggling, what else do you want for us to lay down and die so you can take it over, if someone owns money here it should be Syria owing Lebanon, the way I see it you came in and stole everything from us the thieves you are therefore it is time for you to pay us back, the damage your war machine caused Lebanon goes beyond any comprehension, your bombardment of my beloved country caused all the suffering, your thievery of our institution and market pushed Lebanon into poverty and despair.

The time has come for Syria to pay back Lebanon, the way I see it Syria owes Lebanon more the 40 billions dollars for all the destruction they have caused, it is time for truth to be told the way it is, the Lebanese world wide are disgusted with all the lies and deception by Syria and its proxies, get you rubbish out of my beloved home and go back where you belong, the time has come for all Lebanese to stand up as one voice, enough hiding and running away, your country is being raped by thugs calling themselves the brotherly hood of Lebanon, cleaning the house is the responsibility of all Lebanese enough is enough.

Syria listen carefully, for every up hill a downhill, your time is coming soon rest assure.

Long live the free Lebanon forever.