Open letter to President George Bush
By: George Khoury.
Lccc Foreign Affairs Chairman

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
Attn: President George W. Bush.

Dear Sir,

Lebanon is the only satellite states in the world today, nothing gets done without Syrian approvals, even the Lebanese president has to get the ok from Syria in regard to any political decision.  Syria and its proxies in Lebanon control every facet of the Lebanese lives political or otherwise, an assassination attempt was ordered by the Syrian Mukhabart, or secret service against the Lebanese President in Monte Carlo France last week; as an attempt to stop Lebanon from actively joining the US coalition against terrorism, such act is to be expected of Syria, it has been their policy against Lebanon since1976.

The truth about the Syrian regime.
Mass Graves.
A recent report by the well known Syrian reporter, and Human Rights Advocate, Mr. Nizzar Nayyouf, it was indicated that Syria's secret service is responsible for the death of more than 17,000 people. These victims are buried in a mass grave near the Tadmour prison. More then 1500 of them are Lebanese, although the Syrian Regime has been strongly denying their existence for the last 25 years. Solida has recently released a report stating that more than 400 Lebanese citizens were executed by the Syrian troops in 1990 without any reason and buried at the Baabda area near the Presidential Palace.

Aside from all the barbaric torture and arbitrary detainment of thousands of innocent Lebanese citizens, the Syrian Regime plotted and assassinated prominent Lebanese national figures who opposed its occupation to their country. Among its victims are Druz leader Kamal Jumblat, President elect Bashir Gemayel, President elect Rene Mouawad, Sunni Mufti Hassan Khalid, Mr. Dani Shamoun his wife and 2 little kids, Journalist Read Taha, Journalist Salim Lawzi, to name a few.

Mass executions
On Oct 1990 the Syrian troops carried mass executions of Lebanese innocent civilians and unarmed soldiers. More than 200 Lebanese nationals were shot in the back of their head in a Nazi-style execution. One Lebanese army officer was asked to lay down flat on the ground after surrendering and a tank was drove over his body while still alive. Another 15 civilians were rounded up, including three women and shot in cold blood in the vicinity of the Baabda Presidential Palace.

Car bombs
Syrian secret agents have installed and carried out more than 100 car bomb explosions in Beirut between 1978 and 1990 killing more than 1000 civilians including children. The officer responsible for most of these crimes lives currently under an assumed name in Syria and still works at one of Syria's notorious jails torturing more innocent Lebanese as we speak.

Indiscriminate shelling
Syrian artillery shelled and killed more then 5000 civilians using heavy artillery, including 240 ml cannons, with complete disregard for human lives.

Between 1976 and 1990, Syria carried out hundreds of massive massacres in Lebanese cities and towns of Tripoli, Alkah, Aldamour, Bessuse, Alfayadeye, Fern Alshibek, Beirut, Zahli, causing the death of thousands of innocent citizens including women and children.

Kidnapping and torture
Syria's secret agents and its Lebanese, Palestinian sponsored militias kidnapped and killed thousands of innocents citizens. Thousands were transferred to Syrian jails and detention centers. Hundreds of them are still detained in Syria jails without any trial or even knowledge regarding their whereabouts.

Major General Ghazi Kanaan, Head of the Syrian intelligence in Lebanon.
Kanaan is credited with slowly tightening Syria's grip over the Lebanese government starting from 1980 by cultivating alliances with certain militia groups in Lebanon. In 1983 Kanaan ordered his militia allies to torpedo the May 17th agreement between Israel and Lebanon brokered by former U.S. Secretary of State Mr. George Shultz. Kenaan went as far as Masterminding the Feb 6th mutiny in West Beirut which led to the breakdown of the Lebanese central government and the withdrawal of the multinational peacekeeping forces, including the U.S. Marines from Lebanon. The plan was executed by a Muslim extremist loyal to Syria who is currently living in Iran as a trainer for other extremists recruited by the Syrian regime for world terror.

Mr. President please be aware that Syria will stop at nothing until all opposition in Lebanon has been eliminated, Syria's claim that Lebanon is free to make its own decision is virtually a lie, 75% of PM member have been installed by Syria, the election was merely a show, none of these members represent the views of the Lebanese people, Syria has installed over 25,000 secret service agents across the board, they control almost every institution in Lebanon report directly to General Major Ghazi Kenaan in Anjer Lebanon, no one in Lebanon would dare question their authority or practices, they are free to brake into any ones home without a notice and brutally torture and abuse Lebanese citizens regardless, no one is spared unless submits to their practices and become a Syrian subservient.

Mr. President the Lebanese are standing behind you against your war on terrorism, it is our hope that the United States takes a strong stand against Syria's terrorism toward Lebanon and force Syria and its secret service agents out of the land of Cedars, and allow the Lebanese to regain back their sovereignty and independence from Syrian hegemony.

May God be with you, and give the strength to overcome come today's challenges, we pray to God to keep you safe and give the wisdom always.  Freedom shall prevail as long as we have a country like the United States willing to protect it.

God bless America the land of the free.

George Khoury
Lccc Foreign Affairs Chairman.