Berri : "Jean Ghanem's death may have not been accidental after all"
Speaker Berri has stunned judicial police investigators by
suggesting that former parliament member Jean Ghanem may
have been assassinated like his long-time associate Elie
Police and hospital records show that Ghanem, 46, died from
a heart attack he suffered while driving through suburban
Hazmieh early this month. His wife, who was severely
injured in the accident, is still in hospital.

Ghanem was the second-in-command of Al Waad Party, which
Hobeika founded after the 1975-1990 civil war. Hobeika
perished in a massive car-bomb blast in Hazmieh a week ago.

"Jean Ghanem's death may have not been accidental after
all," Berri said. A senior judicial police officer said in
a statement carried by most of Beirut's 12 dailies
Wednesday that investigators were ready to exhume Ghanem's
body for a fresh autopsy if Berri makes an official request.

But the unnamed official made it clear that police
investigators had no doubt about the authenticity and
credibility of the original medical diagnosis that Ghanem
has passed away from a heart seizure that caused his car to
slam into an electric pole