To all the puppets of Lebanon

To all the puppets of Lebanon

By: George Khoury
LCCC Foreign Affairs Chairman
How dare you betray the land of Cedars, how dare you allow the
Syrians to take control over our beloved Lebanon and confiscate its
free choice. How dare you call yourself Lebanese. Because of what you
are, the people of Lebanon should charge all of you with treason and
throw all of you in jail for the rest of your lives.

Lebanon and its inhabitants have had enough of your mockery and lies.
Repent and take a stand in a bid save Lebanon. In case you keep
inflicting pain and misery on the people, none of you will be spared
when the Judgment Day comes. If you think you are going to run away
and hide in Syria, trust me there will be no place for you to hide
anywhere. Justice will be served
regardless, you are all responsible for all the suffering Lebanon is
facing today. Your disloyalty to your fellow citizens and Lebanon
cannot be tolerated  any more, and shall not go unpunished.
You have bankrupted Lebanon, and stole its freedom for personal gain,
you have sold your dignity and allowed your country to lose it
identity among other nations,
you have destroyed Lebanon's unique identity and foundation,
you have allowed outsiders from Syria and Iran to infiltrate the
society and run Mafia style operations at all levels.....Enough is

You have the nerve to add more taxes on the Lebanese people, while
the Syrians are lurking in Lebanon free of charge,
You have the nerve to force the Lebanese to pay more taxes while the
Syrian smuggle their products into the country without any sort of
You have the nerve to scream freedom for Palestinians while you
oppress your own people and allow the Syria occupiers to do so. What
a joke you are, subservient, no more no less, installed to be slaves
for Syrian Stalinist regime at the expense of your country and the
freedom of all the Lebanese.

The time has come for the Lebanese who wish to see Lebanon a free
nation again to take a stand. The time has come for the patriotic
Lebanese to shout loudly, "We want back our confiscated sovereignty,
We are ready to protect it. Lebanon is for the Lebanese, and only for
the Lebanese".
Lebanon should be for those who are willing to put its needs before
Lebanon is for those who preach and practice freedom and democracy,
Lebanon is for those who are capable to bring back its glory  and
honor its holy Cedars,
Lebanon is for those who can defend its dignity and safeguard its
institutions. Enough lies, enough cunning, it is time for truth and
honesty among one another, It is time to every Lebanese to stand and
take back what was stolen from him.
No one, and no power is going to liberate Lebanon for us. We, the
Lebanese have to do it on our own armed with hope, faith and
perseverance. Lebanon's current officials are worst then the
occupiers, they have sold our beloved Lebanon to Syria and Iran.

My patriotic people, our precious Lebanon is dying, are we going to
sit idle allowing thugs and thieves to take what is ours? Are we
going to allow them to destroy our nation and humiliate our history?
Lebanon is in agony while puppet officials like Lahoud, Hariri,
Berri, Murr and many others are laughing at the country's misery.
They have grown deaf and blind to all the
suffering around them, it is time for all of us to take charge of our
destiny. It is time to save our country, the choice is ours, let us
do it.

Here is a little story I read long time ago from our history book:
Once upon a time there was a General who went into battle and got
defeated badly, he lost all hope of winning against the invader.
While his remaining troops were resting in agony and confusion he
decided to take a walk up a little hill. While sitting down tired and
upset for loosing, he took notice of an ant colony collecting food
for the winter. But what fascinated him was
one little ant carrying a load at least four times its size,
struggling to climb a rock to the other side. The little ant kept
loosing her load mid way through, but continued on trying. It never
gave up for 82 times where finally she reached the top of the rock,
and descended to the other side delivering her load into the colony's
Seeing how determined the ant was put tears into his eyes, and filled
his heart with joy and courage, the little ant made him realize that
no matter what happens you should never give up.  Filled with joy,
the General stood up ran down the hill in full strength with the
belief in his heart, told his man what he had just seen. Reassembled
his man in full force, and charged the battlefield winning the
battle, and defeating the invader back to his own territory.  It was
a day of joy to remember for all his people.
The point I am trying to make here, if a little ant has enough
courage and determination to achieve its goal, so should you, all it
takes is to truly believe it in your heart, and the rest is history.
No one can take your freedom away if you truly believe it. No one
would dare step on your dignity if you were determined to preserve
it. No one can take your country away form you if you truly deserve
it.  In the name of God and Lebanon what are you waiting for?  Get up
from your nap, have faith and take back what was taking from you, if
you really want it that bad, than go get it enough excuses.

Long live the free Lebanon