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Sfeir heads mass attended by U.S Ambassador

Maronite patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir headed a mass dedicated to the souls of the victims of Tuesday's attack against the United States.
Sfeir said that these terrorist attacks require the strictest punishment.
The new US ambassador in Beirut attended the mass, and addressed his thanks to the Lebanese people and government for their sympathy with the United States.
He said that the family of alleged Lebanese hijacker Ziad Jarrah called the US embassy to present their condolences to the American people.

Military prosecutor challenges ruling

Chief Military Prosecutor Nasri Lahoud requested the nullification of a Court of Cassation ruling which stated that the military tribunal did not have the jurisdiction to try 77 anti-Syrian activists arrested in the army sweep last month.
Lahoud based his request on the fact that the Free Patriotic Movement and outlawed Lebanese Forces activists challenged the military tribunal’s decisions 48 hours after they were informed of such decisions, while the legal deadline is 24 hours.
The Court of Cassation’s rulings cannot be appealed.
The Court of Cassation ordered Monday that the activists be referred to civilian courts, except for those accused of “harming the reputation of the Lebanese and Syrian armies and those accused of committing violence on security agents.”

DS 08/09/01