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September 14, 2001                                                        

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             



American Lebanese Statement Regarding The Attack On America


Washington, DC- The Lebanese Information Center representing Americans of Lebanese origin would like to express sympathy and regret over the September 11 attack on the American way of life.  We pray for the victims and ask God to give strength to their families and loved ones.  Also, our prayers and unwavering support go to President Bush who must now deal with a very complex and delicate situation.  We join all Americans in our resolve to punish the perpetrators of this attack regardless of the sacrifices that it may take. 

As mostly first and second generation Americans, we know that the strength of America and its people is far greater than her enemies assume.  This Act of violence will only strengthen our will to fight terrorism. 


As Christians from the Middle East we value freedom, tolerance and the rights of minorities.  Also, as veterans of the fight against radical Islamic groups we have a unique view of the events that transpired on Tuesday, September 11.  The tragic assault on freedom is directly related to the unabated growth and influence of Islamic fundamentalism in the region.  In a Lebanon occupied by the Syrian Army, Islamic radical groups operate freely and have directed multiple attacks against US interests.  Countries like Syria and Iran that harbor and finance these groups must not go unpunished.  The very fact that these radical groups have grown in influence has hampered the ability of leaders in the region to accept peace proposals.  


We must take a stand against Islamic fundamentalist groups inside and outside the United States.  Countries like Syria cannot be allowed to maintain an influence in Lebanon and sponsor terrorist activity within the Lebanese borders.



LIC Executive Committee


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