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Letter to the Lebanese People

By moowatin

I do not want to address neither the president, nor the parliament, nor Mr Hariri, nor anyone that forms part of our so called Dawle since they are all and unanimously (whether willingly or not) puppets under the direct control of the Syrian regime. And addressing them, besides being a huge waste of time and energy, is absolutely useless, since anyway, and even if the intend to, they have no power to change anything.

Nor I want to address the Syrian regime itself, since it is also pointless to try to talk a beast out of devouring its prey, or trying to negotiate the devil for better terms.

Nor I want to address the other Arab countries, or USA, or Europe, since we have been there before and it did not quite help.

I simply want to address these words to the Lebanese people.

To those who (whether they are Muslims, Christians, or Druze) work all day long for their daily bread in a country where even daily bread is getting to be a luxury sometimes.

To those who come home every night to sit back comfortably in their couch and watch what they call disgusting news at 8 pm, and then go to sleep as if those news concern another planet.

To those who always thank God their kids in college are peaceful and calm and ma byet?aato.

To those, to all those people I say its time you wake up.
Its time you realize that this is YOUR country that is being raped, and those are YOUR kids that are being beaten and put in jail for nothing but wanting a free country.
Those are YOUR news that you call disgusting, and that is YOUR homeland that you refer to as shoo hal balad hayda.

Its time now to wake up and fight.
Its time now to start saying ITS ENOUGH, and as Aassi says, ma fee hboos tsaa? kell elnas.

For once rise and defend yourselves as one united Lebanese people.
Its now or never.