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It is a duty for every free Lebanese to write.
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Syria is presuring the lebanese government to force 10's of high ranking Lebanese officers into retirment and replace them with syrians, their reasoning is those officers are opponents to their presence and are in contact with Michel aoun and Samir Geagea. Also they are trying in secret behind doors are finalizing a deal with some Lebanese officials to route all phone calls and internet services through syria, they are doing this to control the Lebanese from exchaging any information.

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A hidden plan between Damascus and Beirut to entangle the army with syrian personel which would thereafter facilitates Syria's commands of Lebanon.

Army rejects claim of Syrian infiltration(Daily Star 25/08/01)

The army on Friday strongly rejected a news magazine report claiming that several thousand Syrian soldiers have been absorbed into the Lebanese military.
The army was referring to an article which appeared in the Aug. 17 issue of Al-Watan Al-Arabi which suggested the military planned to absorb some 5,000 Syrian soldiers after they received Lebanese identity cards.
The London-based magazine also suggested that a highly controversial secret report, uncovered a deal between Beirut and Damascus which paved the way for Lebanon to be annexed.
The article further made claims of friction in the army, and suggested that Prime Minister Rafik Hariri considered early retirement because of continuous interference by Syria.
A similar article was published on the website of the United States Committee for a Free Lebanon.
Chief Beirut Public Prosecutor Joseph Maamari has pressed charges against Walid Abu Dahr, the owner of Al-Watan Al-Arabi, and Said Qaissi, the author of the article, for disgracing the reputation of the Lebanese and Syrian armies.
The edition has been banned in Lebanon on the orders of the Surete Generale.
Two years ago, Al-Watan Al-Arabi was named along with several other foreign publications of having been regularly fed disinformation by a department of Israeli military intelligence as part of its psychological warfare program.

Al-Watan Al-Arabi uncovers dangerous agreement
LONDON - Al Qanat (Saiid Al-Qesi)
August 16, 2001
Details of a controversial security report on a secret agreement between Beirut and Damascus reached a western government, al-Watan al-Arabi learnt from well-informed sources here.
The agreement revolves around dispatching some 5 thousand Syrian soldiers to the Lebanese army, according to the report. Those soldiers are acquiring special information on Lebanese life so as to act like typical Lebanese citizens. Disguised in Lebanese army clothes, they took part in the latest detention campaign of anti-Syrian Christian opponents, the weekly magazine quoted sources as saying.
Yet still questions hang over the possibility of infiltrating 5 thousand Syrian soldiers into Lebanese army establishment without being discovered.
Meanwhile, the Paris-based release learnt that the report dwells on Syria's intention to re-deploy its troops in Lebanon. It also hints at linking the two countries' telephone exchanges under the umbrella of bilateral cooperation in telecommunication fields, a step aiming to wiretap telephone calls in Lebanon.
Moreover, the report underlined Syria's practice of pressure on the Lebanese government in order to deposit tens of officers, suspected to be in relation with the opposition, said al-Watan al-Arabi.

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