"You may chain my hands and shackle my feet; you may even throw me into a dark prison, but you shall not enslave my thinking (and my voice) because it is free." G. Khalil Gibran
    Freedom  Freedom is not a crime  freedom is a right, a right that every freedom believer beholds and seeks for.

Dr Geagea news


The  Fabrications

The traitors



 لا تتركوا لبنان يخرج من مسار التاريخ فلا يبقى منه الا الذكرى في   كتب التاريخ

For God Sake save all the detaineesThe tools in Hell  Please visit & support

      للحق ، للحقيقةFreedom      

Save the Freedom
الحرية المحرومة


Human rights reports


Torture & Ill-treatment


The Maronites

Visite Harissa & pray   


Free Dr. Geagea Free LebanonThe Syrian role in Lebanon and its legitimacy


Horrible atrocities inflicted on Christians


FreedomSyria how dare you



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