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Dear Lebanese Church Leaders

By: Dr. George H.

I ask you to please remember Lebanon in your prayers this Sunday. I hope you got a chance to see the peaceful students being savagely beaten, kicked with boots and even arrested.

The book of James says "what good is it if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds. "Faith is dead if not accompanied by action". If ever there was a time to heed that statement that time is now.

The puppet Lebanese government has failed us, the political parties have failed us, but sadly the greatest failure has been the Lebanese churches. Church leaders should be the soul and heart of a nation. It is your responsibility to guide and direct your congregation. You are the custodians of God's people, you have the unprecedented power and responsibility to act, with faith you can create miracles. Please watch a video called transformation and see how godly churches can change cities and even countries.
One of our churches has posted on it's website the following saying by Mother Teresa:
"Christ has No body on earth but yours, No hands but yours, No feet but yours, You are the eyes Through which he is to look out Christ's compassion to the world, Yours are the feet with which he is to go about Doing good, Yours the hands with which he is to bless now"

If we do not really embrace this idea, then it is simply empty words. Jesus showed his love with deeds not words, He even died for us. What makes God angry, should make us angry. Didn't Jesus get angry at the merchants and? used a whip to beat them. Again James said "faith without action is useless, you are justified by your actions not words"

Lebanon has been through hell: 150 thousand dead, thousands orphaned, thousands widowed, it has and still is occupied, people experienced a lot of suffering, poor economy, declining moral values, and no human rights. What will it take for the churches to set, not follow the trend? . The churches did nothing but sat and ? watched Christians kill each other. They watched
Lebanese kill each other. ? ? If those godly men charged with loving and leading their people do not care then how can anyone expect the ungodly to care? ? Please have a heart, teach by example and live what you preach. ? If one innocent man dies, the churches should cry and rail against the injustice. Nothing is accomplished if we sit quietly, saying nothing and doing nothing while our brothers and sisters are dying.? If peace and harmony is to prevail, it will not be achieved by a political party but through the prince of peace and through our commitment to Him.

1- The church needs to teach Christians about love, caring, humility and justice. Are we raising our youth to disregard the injustices that their people are experiencing?

2- The church must play a role in uniting the Lebanese. ? How can we lobby for Lebanon when we are divided into 100s of factions? ? ? It saddens me that when I contact American churches or American friends they offer their help, but
none of the Lebanese reply.

3- The church must set a powerful example for Christian leaders. Doesn't God advise us to pick godly men and women for government? When the righteous rules, people rejoice. We raised a generation of crooks and thieves. You sided with one faction or another, you sided with one leader or another. We raised citizens and leaders who worship political parties, politicians, and power , instead of worshiping God. We are the joke of the world and the churches have played a part in that. If you could have prevented one death but did not do so, you will be held accountable, if you could have helped prevent suffering but did not do so, you will be held accountable.

4- The church leaders have the power to change the world if you believe in God. Be you doers of the word and not hearers only. Join hands,hold your services and show your concern where people will listen. Take turns holding gatherings in front of the White House, in front of the U.N., in front of the Lebanese embassy. Lead by powerful example. Teach God's people how to care. If you do not care who will?

5- The church must teach Lebanese the important values of Christianity Teach them to steer clear of epiphenomenal arguments such as the debate concerning the use of 3 or 5 fingers. Your mission is far greater than that. The people look to you for guidance. Show them how to love one another by your actions. Show them the meaning of true Christianity

Martin Luther king said that: history will record that the biggest crime is not what bad people did, but that the so called good people sat by and did nothing?. This makes us partners in crime because by our silence we are siding with evil. The purpose of this letter is not to criticize but to ask you to act. I just cannot understand how we can call ourselves Christians and
not show any love or compassion by deeds not words.

In His service
Dr. George H.